Exchange Server and Firewalls

Server Co-location

Server co-location is recommended for companies with dedicated Web and or database servers for the hosting of popular and mission critical sites, where continued high speed hosting, security and service response times are a high priority.

Setup Cost $450

Monthly Cost $500

Additional Servers Setup $150

Additional Servers Monthly $350

(prices do not include shipping)

Server Management & Monitoring

We strongly recommend for clients with on-site servers to subscribe to our remote server management service.

Managed servers are monitored & mantained with new security features. This is essential particularly for security conscious clients since new intrusion techniques require constant upgrades of security features to ensure ongoing protection.

We also offer monitoring options. In case of a server or link outage, our on-duty technical manager is automatically paged and will attempt to recover your server or link as well as notify a person of your choice in your company.

The standard Response option guarantees attendance to an outage (9:00 and 17:00) within 4 hours of notification.

The Critical Response option guarantees attendance to an outage (incurred at any time) within 2 hours. The response times are subject to the agreed service response procedures.

Remote server / link monitoring - Standard Response
$50 per month
Remote server / link monitoring - Critical Response
$200 per month
Remote server management (with standard response monitoring)
$100 per month
Remote server management (with critical response monitoring)
$350 per month

Secure Web Page Hosting

Secure Web Page Hosting includes secure serving of 2 pages.

Setup $100

Monthly $50

Additional pages $25 per month per page.